Friday, January 11, 2008


Well, after 5 attempts, I have given up on you Blog Catalog.
I am left with the sadness of what could have been, but will never be.
E-mails were sent. Phone calls were made.
Yet the rejection notices continue to pour in like the salmon of Capistrano.
Application declined.
5 times tried, 5 times denied.
But do not weep for me Blog Catalog.
For I have found another,

Our final straw, our last chance, dashed by the text version of a dagger through the heart; "Your blog is too new and does not have enough content to make it truly valuable."
Ahaa.. but the joke is on you Blog Catalog.
My newborn blog does not contain aaanything which should be construed "truly valuable."
And anyone who reads my ramblings looking for, or hoping to find anything "truly valuable", needs to be duct-taped and whacked in the knees with a tack-hammer.


Anonymous said...

Sorry things didnt work out between you two. Please post the date of the protest march. We'll bring our tackhammers.

allofus said...

My wife and I read your blog almost every day. We find it much more "valuable" than the Asian fishermans guide!!! (That is actually a blogsite!!)

Anonymous said...

Thoughts of value would or should equate to inventions and money making schemes- blogging is exactly how it sounds,just the word does not ring of value- it rings of fun and entertaining.If blog readers want value from others thoughts there are lots of self help books!Blog catalog should be duct taped and whacked just for being so narrow minded!

blaine_fridley said...

Blog Catalog has always been shallow. You'll be're so smart...and you have such a pretty face.

Seriously, though, I keep it up. Devoid of "value" as it is, I enjoy it.
Life is ridiculous. Read about it here.

Anonymous said...

I too am plaged with the "too new' aspeck. Now ponder this? How can we get there if no one helps us?