Thursday, January 10, 2008


Pardon me sir, but if you will no longer require my services, I shall be retiring to my quarters for the evening.

Drivin to pre-school.
It seemed quiet.
Way too quiet.
This is what I saw when I spun around.
Little guy, checkin his a.m. stock quotes before he begins his grueling, finger-paint/ nap / playground schedule. Hmm... it appears Fisher Price is up an eighth...
Or maybe the little freeloader is in the Classifieds.
If he could actually read, I'd ask.


Anonymous said...

Kind of funny how Bozos is on the cover.

Clutter Chonny said...

AHAHA Claud and i died laughing at this. Does he do any market analysis?

damonm55 said...

His field is mainly 'flea' market analysis, but he dabbles in crayola art and demolition.

Jeremy Neal said...

Future investment banker in the making - awesome!