Monday, December 24, 2007


It's the night before Christmas, and I just can't be sure,
is it cold out where you are? Here it's seventy-four.

The kids have been good, they try I must say,
I threaten "Santas watching!" at least twice a day.

Our Christmas tree stands and greets all who come calling,
Please Christmas, come quick, all the needles are falling.

The familys' prepping, for some holiday cheer,
It all starts at church, (I go once a year).

We join them for caroling, good food, and some treats,
Baked ham, and good wine, all sorts of good eats.

For friends who can't make it, hope your holidays great!
I'll miss seeing you here, (I'll still fix you a plate!)

Once the evening is through, and we all settle in,
I'll tuck in the kids, as I smile and grin,

For the nights' just begun, for whom Santas entrusted,
to keep him alive, and try not to get busted.

The long wait is over, Santas makin his flight!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


me said...

What is a log wait?
Cute poem- think you just did not apply yourself to the attempt at the frog and the lettuce..

damonm55 said...

A log wait is what happens when a beaver relies on his drunk buddy to get the dam material. - I thank you for your spell check and have corrected the error accordingly :)

Anonymous said...

I have a little sister and during the holiday season i must have said 'santa's watching' 100 times.

I was then struck with a little bit of cleverness and told her i was going to be e-mailing santa a full report of conduct and she quickly became pleasant.