Monday, November 26, 2007


The only pre-game commentary you'll ever need;

(cue the music)

If they're gonna be successful tonight, they need to get the ball up the field, by making first downs and moving the chains. They must establish the run with a balanced passing game. They need to put points on the board, keep their defense off the field, pick up the blitz, and give the quarterback time in the pocket.

Someones got to step up, someones got to block down, someones got to close the gaps, and someones got to pick up the screen.

They need to control the clock, control the tempo, control the ball, and control the line of scrimmage.

They should be able to convert third downs with their west coast offense, and use their two minute drill against the nickel defense.

They can't afford any penalties, they can't allow any touchdowns, they can't leave the receivers open, and they can't turn the ball over.

They gotta watch the short pass, they gotta watch the long bomb, they gotta watch the reverse, and gotta watch for the quarterback sneak.

They can't be afraid to go over the middle,(under the safety), or run it up the gut and down the sideline.

Though they've been plagued by injuries, if they stick to their original game-plan, they should be effective if they use the shot-gun after the 2 minute warning.

Back to you Dan......


Me said...

Football for idiots-and I still don't understand a lot of the terms. I know it's a guy thing!

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