Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh, Hell Yeah

If you live in California, cancel your weekend plans!

Think about it.
Would you rather show up to your boring ass job on Monday and say, "I did a little yard work and then watched reruns of MASH until the hot pocket I cooked Tuesday finally cooled off enough to eat", or would you rather say, " I watched some drunk carpenters race their chainsaws, angle grinders, belt sanders and circular saws, down a home-made wooden dragstrip."

Choice is yours.
(Choose wisely)

May17-18. San Franciscos' Ace International Speedway.

Be there.

These geniuses hook up some of the best house wreckin, wall buildin, wood workin, electric driven, powertools, with guidewheels, redneck attitudes, and serve 'em up with a side order of damn straight.

Some dragsters are air powered, some are electric, all are freakin awesome.
Drag racers, however, are Pabst Blue Ribbon, Jack Daniels, or Tecate powered, and all are borderline certifiable.

Tip for newcomers:
Gettin a good look at the photo finish of a racer with 6 saw blades spinning at 3000 rpm is probably a bad idea.

Check out the video. Sweeeeeeet.

And click for me- or we'll make you hold the checkered flag!


leigh said...

only someone with a penis could have come up with this sport. not that that's a bad thing.

Keli said...

I do live in California and was going to either visit my 91 year-old-granny or take a limo ride to check out Metallica at Dana Point, but thanks to you, guess where I'll be instead? Yep, a home-made wooden dragstrip sure sounds enticing!
Thanks for the tip.

sprinkle4 said...

Now I know EXACTLY what I'm doing with my husband's frequent flyer miles.....yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!

Bee said...

I wonder how much they had to pay the retired stripper to wave the flag?

Jinksy said...

Some people just have way too much time on their hands.

Beside, everyone knows that the real money is in headless chicken races.

what's a donzer said...

I'm a poor girl 2,000 miles from the fun. In honor of the event, however, I'm going to rev up my self propelled angle grinder after plying myself with PBR, Jack Daniels, and Tecate. All in the spirit of comaraderie, of course.

VE said...

Those Californians...they have all the fun...when they're not having plastic surgery that is.

Sue said...

OMFG - watched the video- hilarious. If the aliens landed they'd be like" clearly, the males of the species are one bunch of dumb-asses."

Sue said...

present company excluded of course. :)

leigh said...

big d - i am totally clicking for you. i have no idea what's going on at h-b. it's like groundhog day at my blog. i'm up to 23 or so and the next morning i'm back to 30.

plus, i think something's wrong with your feed. your posts never show up on the front page, or not that i've seen. that would help your traffic.


They should combine this event with a Monster Truck Rally/Demolition Derby/Lawnmower racing and see who comes out the victor.

That should appease those with a hearty bloodlust appetite.

Jack Payne said...

I live in California (transplant from sensible Wisconsin) and have never been able to figure the odd-ball nature of this state. Shooting for the Guiness Book of World Records? Who comes up with this stuff?

April said...

so how many participants were mamed?

April said...

opps! I spelled "maimed" wrong! derrrrr

Sully Sullivan said...

I wonder how many accidents occur at this thing. Throughout the entire crowd, I'm sure there's more missing digits than a blind man's sudoku. Either way, this is awesome. If this doesn't get you at least a little excited, you're probably not a man. You should get that checked out. Nice post.

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I'll be checking back in on your blog regularly. Have a great day.