Tuesday, December 4, 2007



Went Christmas shopping for the little "darlings" this weekend. Didn't actually get much but I did notice, things have changed since I was a kid. Everything is designed to stimulate the underdeveloped noggin of these kids to the point of actually placing" anti-seizure" warnings on stuff. Some other stuff caught my eye too...

G.I. Joe has obviously been taking steroids since I last saw him.

If it doesn't move by itself, you're kids won't like it.

Kids only get Tinkertoys if they're bad. I got them for bein a good boy.

Toys R Us doesn't sell Big Wheels or Green Machines.

Way too many toys are "collectors editions". Can we play with 'em?

Everything has some assembly required. I guess"made in China" means "you do it".

Lincoln logs are hidden in the corner on the bottom shelf. They suck anyway.

"Pong" was only for rich spoiled kids. Now there's a whole electronics section for rich spoiled kids.

Our kids can't get the recommended daily allowance of lead by chewing their toys.

They actually make a doll that takes a dump. Oooh what fun for your little princess.

......silly putty still tastes the same.


mitch777 said...

I know what you mean. I used to have a wind up Evil Knievel stunt motorcycle. Now I can't find it anywhere. Due to recent events, it would probably be worth a lot right now.

Don said...

At least they're still making toys! But I think you're right about the "collector's items." Maybe that explains why the only thing left in the whole wide world to play is video games. ;)

Yea, I'm a single dad, too. I feel your, um, joy! Enough to plant your blog firmly onto my blogroll. I'll be back!