Wednesday, December 5, 2007


As I try to negotiate traffic in my daily commute to and from here and there, one things got me more perplexed than a cross eyed hippo trying to ride a three wheeled skateboard. Why is every road I drive on under construction? I have had it with the detours, the barricades, and being behind the rock bouncing dumptruck.

And don't get me started on the guy holding the slow/stop sign playing God with who is late for work and who isn't. Is this a career you apply for? Does anyone know what it takes to land this gig? It is disturbing to me that a person whose job description is "hold sign here - spin when necessary", can back up traffic with the flick of the wrist.

I think the worst thing to be in Pinellas County, Florida - is a bridge. Your days are numbered my concrete, water spanning friend. It seems to me that if sailboat manufacturers would have spent 8 minutes with the original bridge builder, the height issue may have come up, and we wouldn't be replacing EVERY bridge around here.

I'm also not fooled by the generator powered lights. Maybe it's easier to poorly make roads at night, when you're tired, and when you have been leaning on your shovel all day. I don't know, just spitballin here.

Just to let everyone know, I wash my truck every other weekend. The department of transportation is aware of this. How do I know? They create huge clouds of concrete dust,
pump water across the streets, or paint the stripes on the road, every other Monday. Murphy's Law right up the old tailpipe.


happycloud said...

hello, wow, i guess traffic is bothering you, too. just a tad, maybe... i remember i would work from 6 to 3 instead of 9 to 5 just to avoid traffic (on the 10 going to and from santa monica). and i would console myself with.. "even brad pitt couldn't do anything about traffic." well, i hope you figure out some way to end up as the winner. you know, in the fight between you and traffic (all traffic issues.. you know.) i'm still waiting to learn how to teleport. until then.. maybe you can find some way to enjoy the time you have to yourself in your car. i should probably read more of your blog first--but.. um. may i ask what kind of work you do? :)

damonm55 said...

The irony of my road construction woes is I am in the construction business! But I build houses - not roads or bridges. And don't get me wrong, almost all that makes me mad can make me laugh :)