Thursday, December 13, 2007


After reading one of my favorite blogs (Life of Cinematic Moments), it occurred to me how much I miss the snow. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how much fun it was for me but how hard it was for my parents. Once the first big snowstorm hit, the difference was point of view.

Kids: Let's make snow angels!
Adults: Damn it's cold outside.

Kids: Let's have a snowball fight!
Adults: I hate shoveling snow.

Kids: Let's make a snowman!
Adults: Now you know the cars not gonna start.

Kids: Try to catch a snowflake on your tongue!
Adults: Can you train a dog to get the mail?

Kids: Let's go ride the sled on the hill!
Adults: We should have gone to Florida with my frequent flyer miles.

Kids: Look at the icicles over the garage!
Adults: That damn neighbor never returned my snowblower.

Kids: It's gonna be a white Christmas!
Adults: Crap, the pipes are frozen.

Kids: I peed my name in the snow!
Adults: Who's been playing with the thermostat!

Kids: Let's put snow in dads boots again!
Adults: Those kids better not have put snow in my boots again.


Anonymous said...

I love peeing in the snow. But my first name is Christopher, and only finished it once!!!!

Anonymous said...

peeon is good